Friday Favorites V

It’s finally Friday!!! My post would have been up earlier but I honestly had no time to write it until now! I had my two classes then drove straight to my hometown because I have to work here in the morning. After I arrived home, I decided to visit my grandma for a couple hours and catch up. :-)

Notice I changed the name from “Things I’m Loving Friday” to “Friday Favorites”? I’m playing with the names – let me know what you guys think in the comment section!

Friday Favorites

  • Overnight Oats

I literally made my first ever batch of overnight oats last night so I can eat it for breakfast this morning. I’ve read about bloggers raving over overnight oats, but I was never a fan of oatmeal. I decided to venture and try the healthy breakfast for myself and it was so good! I made up my own recipe which included peanut butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips – and it literally tasted like a no-bake cookie!

How fun are these leggings?! I recently discovered White Plum from Julie from pbfingers and I love all their leggings. I ended up buying two pairs of leggings and two long shirts to match. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself surfing their website more often. :-)

  • My Cat Steven

Yes, my cat’s name is Steven. And yes, Steven has a bow tie collar. If that doesn’t make him a cool cat (haha), then I don’t know what does.

  • Driving in PA

This is a picture from my drive home today. I absolutely love looking at the beautiful PA mountains and trees. And not to mention, the sun hasn’t been out in quite a while so it was necessary to take a picture of the lovely day! I can’t wait till the leaves start to grow back on the trees because it gets even more beautiful.

Well, now I am just waiting for my dad to come home and we are going to get some frozen yogurt! Enjoy your weekend. :-)

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Question of the day:

  • What is one thing you’re loving today?

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