Some Weekend Pics

Hope everyone’s weekend is going great! I slacked on taking pics this weekend but here’s just a few:

Last night, my mom, dad, Josh, and I played monopoly together! We actually played a couple months together and we had a great time. We all get really competitive and laugh the entire time. We were really excited we all finally had a free night to hangout together.

My birthday isn’t actually until I come back from my trip, but we celebrated today. Last night, I was kind of bumming to Josh because I knew it would be the first year ever that I wouldn’t be having cake with my family (they all have to work). Well today when we were at my grandma’s for lunch, Josh surprised me and brought an ice cream cake so we can all celebrate early together. J

Gotta celebrate St. Patrick’s Day somehow! I love splurging and getting a green bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese every year.

Just so everyone knows, I will be MIA today since I am leaving tonight for my trip! I am spending the night at my friend’s house then we’re headed to the airport bright and early in the morning. I won’t be blogging or doing any work because I want to soak in all the relaxation that I can. I will be sure to take tons of pictures to show you guys next week. J

Question of the day:

  • What is your dream vacation?